Mateřština (meaning “Mother Tongue”) represents a way of coming back to the music my father taught me when I was a kid. It also touches upon the idea of writing songs about what one has lived, as is the case in folklore. I am very grateful to my friend Marian Friedl, who a few years ago made me feel that there is yet so much to discover in Moravian traditional music, which he knows so well and draws upon in his own writing.

After spending quite a while abroad, coming back to my birth country was accompanied by this musical encounter, out of which, thanks to the encouragement and support of Petr Ostrouchov, came the eponymous record.

Once the record came out, I received a few very special offers to play it live. To my amazement, the musicians from VÚS Ondráš, the only professional folklore orchestra in the Czech Republic, agreed to play it with me!

More info about our two upcoming concerts can be found out here (so far only in czech):

Folkové Prázdniny

Struny Podzimu