Antonin is a friend from Paris, whom I discovered thanks to Tim Berne’s suggestion during our meeting in Brooklyn back in December 2010 (“…If you live in Paris, you must meet this guy! He really played the shit out of my music…”) Later on he was part of the “La Jeunesse” crew, where he was the only musician to play on all of the tracks, as well as the one providing the french connection.

When in the summer of 2014 I expressed a wish to go busking onto the bridge of Ile St Louis, Antonin was keen to come along and play. We only went once though – instead of our planned second session we got a last minute invitation to play live at France Inter, where Antonin was interviewed (you can listen to the program here:

This duo is still quite new, but already a lot of fun! And with so much space in the music, that is just out there, somewhere, hanging. In october we will be recording an album, so hopefully there will be more music to listen to.


Here is a little excerpt from our gig at the Czech Centre in Paris from March 2015 (the whole concert is available in the video section).