Musical family:

Zac Gvi
Fred Thomas

Francesc Marco

Antonin-Tri Hoang

David Dorůžka
Martin Novák

Closest bass friends:

Peter Herbert
Mark Dresser
Jaromír Honzák
Håkon Thelin
Mark Helias
Garth Stevenson

Other superb musicians and sources of inspiration:

Frances-Marie Uitti
Mark Sanders
Tim Berne

Gregory Privat
Felician Honsig Erlenburg

Other friends and friendly organisations:

BASS 2016 (european double bass convention in Prague taking place in September 2016)

János (aspiring photojournalist and human being, author of most photos on this site)
Arsomnis (web of a dear friend and a great composer Sebastian Jatz Rawicz)
Claire Stefani (music-loving photographer and a wonderful person, who has been truly supportive of me over the years)
HAMU (jazz in the heart of the Bohemian capital)
JAMU (jazz in the heart of the Moravian capital)
F-IRE collective (London-based collective of musicians)
D’Addario Strings (great strings and a big support)
Bruno Brette (monsieur luthier and a friend running the Paris Contrebasses shop)
David Gage Workshop (New York Bass Universe)
International Society of Bassists (Worldwide community of low-frequency lovers)
Tomáš Pospíšil (old friend and the best luthier in north-east Moravia)
Folklorní soubor Vonička (family-led ensemble of traditional music)
Cimbálová muzika Jagár (a folk band of friends)
RukyNaDudy (the most original historical band playing old shepherd-style music from the Beskydy mountains)

Various culinary places of interest

Alain Passard at Le Point Mostly vegetable, easy-to-make recipes by the legendary French culinary genius and a great music lover