I am a Czech-born musician and teacher, currently based in Prague. Previously I have lived in Rome, London and Paris. For quite some time in my life I have studied how to play the double-bass; then I found out that I like other instruments too, which helped me to better understand how music works overall.

During the past fifteen years I have mainly focused on writing and creating my own music, which took me to various places around the globe and made me encounter many wonderful people and musicians. Some of them are very famous for what they have already done, others are not so much, but play great music nonetheless. I am grateful to all of them for what they passed onto me.

What I love about music the most is its ability to bring time to a stop and create a momentary feeling, where something special is shared. This may just as well happen in a large concert hall, in a small room, outside on a street or inside a pair of headphones.

I wish that my music can speak for itself – if you’d thus like to know more, please go to the music or videos section.