Jiri Slavik, Liam Noble and Paul Clarvis
Bivak Records, 2023


CESTA SVĚTLA (Path of Light)

Jiri Slavik and VUS Ondráš,
Supraphon, 2022


DĚTI A RODIČE (Children and Parents)

The Survivors,
Bivak records, 2021


MATEŘŠTINA (Mothertongue)

Jiri Slavik,
Animal Music, 2016



Jiri Slavik,
F-IRE, out on March 24th, 2014

Listen to excerpts on my Soundcloud page



Fly Agaric,
F-IRE, 2012

Listen to excerpts on our Soundcloud page




Jiri Slavik and Fred Thomas Duo

F-IRE presents series, 2009



Barre Phillips’s Crossbows – THE HUNTERS

Barre Phillips, Clayton Thomas, Seb Gramss, John Eckhardt and myself

Gligg Records, 2013




Other releases featuring my music


by Bass Instinct







Music from a solo bass piece “Catharsis”

This film is based on a true story of Oury Jalloh, a native of Sierra Leone seeking asylum in Germany, who died a tragical death – he was found burned in a police cell whilst tied with handcuffs to a fire-proof mattress at his hands and feet. The court then repeatedly declared that he comitted suicide.

The film features many people, who knew Oury Jalloh personally (as a matter of fact, the film protagonist was his best friend). It came then as a big satisfaction as well as a surprise that this film received the German Human Rights Film Prize 2008, category amateur film, given the fact that for most of the crew (myself included) it was the first ever “serious” cinematic attempt.